Return If Possible – R.I.P


Yeah, Return If Possible, that was my first thought when I read the devastating news. We have lost yet another great storyteller in the history of time – a tremendous and profound loss to the world. Definitely, you’ll be missed but not forgotten Anthony Bourdain!

Bourdain had an incredibly seasoned life. Surviving life as a line cook in a kitchen of not so famous restaurant to a bad boy chef circumnavigating the globe in search for the finest cuisines, by hosting an ambitious Travel Channel Project – No Reservation. Well, I’m a Bourdain devotee. Of course, it’s pretty obvious, wasn’t it? No sane soul would dedicate their time to write about a man who barely… oh wait! He doesn’t even know about my existence till he was alive. Yet, my innocent soul doesn’t need any proclamation for this infinite bonding, virtually.

If the truth was said, I would say that it’s not just me who is his fanatic but my entire nucleus family should be included in that list too. I got to know about Anthony Bourdain through my mom. You know… Asians moms always have the television remote control at the ready to tune into cooking shows or cooking documentaries but ended up preparing the same menu for meals. But in rare cases, there would be some sighting, smelling and eating you have to endure if your mom decides to try something new. At first, I was forced to watch the show as the golden key was under my mom’s control and as time flies… without consciousness… I got hooked up.

Somewhat, many would know Anthony Bourdain as a renown chef and television host. But, outside of his adventurous cooking, hosting and travelling groove, he was an abounding writer. At first, I regarded him as a cool cook dude who hosts a cooking show, and gets paid for eating and travelling the globe. Okay! Don’t judge the 10-year-old me – it was a few years back. But, somehow I came across one of his magnificent writing – Kitchen Confidential, which revolves around the commercial kitchens and depicts the intense and hazardous workplace beyond its surface. Bourdain’s artistic approach towards his writing made the common man to acknowledge and sense the art of cooking. And according to Bourdain, this agonizing workplace is no place for hobbyists and those entered this industry will be obviated without ferocity, dedication and passion towards cooking. The gruesome behind – the – scene epics that took place around the typical restaurant kitchens were perfectly crafted for audience’s view with a simpler language made this book and him unique.


And out of millions of snaps, this would be my favourite of all time. Two legendary personalities on a low plastic stool, chit-chatting while enjoying cold Hanoi beer. What a day to remember! Well, the pair’s visit was seriously a big deal to the owner. Oh, trust me! When I say it’s a big deal – it’s such a big deal. Yup! The owner decided to encase their table and it’s setting, right down to the beer bottle, which will usually be ended up in the dumpster, not in this case. The remnants of their meal were preserved and encased in glass alongside with the pair’s picture. So, if you’re planning for a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam don’t forget to drop by to click some good picture.

Anthony Bourdain’s passing made people from all over the world to mourn. A tremendous loss to the world. May he find peace up there! We weren’t there when he needed someone. But no worries! Now he is in a safe hand! But remember, you don’t decide your own expiry date as it was already printed on you when you were manufactured – safe and sealed! Hahaha!

Signing off!




I don’t blame you, Sugar!

I do understand everything. I mean everything. You might think that I don’t, but actually, I do. I understand that you’re not like the others. I meant the typical guys. But you’re different and rare. If the truth was told, I would say that you’re a gift of God. Your introvert charm is extremely intoxicating and my eyes fell a prey for that soul-soothing eyes of yours. Perhaps, that’s the reason why I avoid having eye contact with you, as I might drown myself in those innocent eyes of yours.

I don’t blame you, Sugar! It was my mistake! Solely mine!

I wish I could go back and never have met you. But, I can’t. You know why? Because I don’t remember when I first saw you or even when my eyes and heart fell for you. Of course, it’s not love at first sight. I mean, crush at first sight. I would say that my affection formed gradually. Initially, it was just an admiration and respect towards you, but somehow, I lost control of myself. Your passion, your commitment, your personalities and not forgetting your hair, have enthralled me. And importantly, You attain maturity! You speak a plainer language!  And you had me at Your impeccable metaphorical sense and Your greater simplicity. Although you weren’t the focal point of the crowd, your presence was always felt. You know why? Because You’re like the wind! You can’t be seen but truly can be felt – maybe not by everyone. Well, my affection for you is depraved and unreasonable. Yet, my affection for you is not your problem. It’s mine.

And I don’t blame you, Sugar! It was my mistake!

Again! If the truth was told, I will say that you’re a Rubik cube. A wonderful puzzle that seems to be impossible to solve at the first glance. But, it takes a lot of courage and patience and even hard work to solve it. Still, what’s the point of solving the Rubik cube? If the Rubik cube is solved, then it would just be a normal toy that will be placed in a display glass. You’re not something that can be solved by me or anyone else. Because you can’t be solved and I don’t want to solve you either. But, I won’t stop trying to solve. And that’s not your mistake too.

I don’t blame you, Sugar!

I understand that you don’t open up easily. And I know that you build majestic walls around you. Quite lots of them. And not forgetting the door that has been kept closed for a long time – full of spider webs and dust. Certainly, I don’t blame you for that. Because I don’t know what you have gone through in your life. Trust me! That door and that wall are no good for you, Sugar. Just felt like telling it. Bear in mind that someday, somehow, someone is gonna knock that door so hard until you can’t resist and The Great Wall of Yours will errand, brick by brick due to her tenderness. But, it’s just the matter of time. Tick Tock! Tick Tock! You can’t keep hiding from reality no matter how hard it slaps you in the face and it’s totally inevitable. And by the time you realise it. There won’t be any knocks at the door. It will be gone before you even realize it. So, why don’t you build a bridge instead? Practically,  that solely depends on you and I truly respect your decisions and your stance.

I hate small talks, Sugar. I crave for big talks, and I yearn to know every inch of you beyond the surface. My thirst for your words and depth can’t be satisfied. And Your sweetness draws me to you. You captured my heart because you sing a song that only my heart can hear. As a matter of fact, I believe that you’ll be the Sun that nourishes the flower – her passion, ambition and dream. Buckle up, Sugar. You might experience a magical carpet ride. When I say, magical carpet ride, do expect some turbulence because the weather is always unpredictable. After all, I’m just gonna categorize you under a crush because you’re impossibly beyond my reach and if telling you how I feel will strain what we have built till now – a friendship, I will rather hold my feelings forever than to lose you.

I find it hard to tell you how I feel and perhaps it’s even more challenging to know what you feel. So, I’m just gonna stay silent and let my words express those to you B.B!

Lovingly, Your so-called crush



UnRavelling The Fury!


Caught up in the storms,

By surprise?

Combating blindly,

Doesn’t resolve anything.

You’re not capable of domineering the weather!


With a little touch of,

Passion and patience,

You can snuggle close to,

 The Ferocity of Mother nature!


Well, life is full of whimsical happenings and it takes a lot of courage to encounter that. After all, we can’t gratify the beauty of the rainbow without a little rain – sometimes the storms turn out to be free gifts. So buckle up peepz!


Signing off,

~ Tharenee Gunasekaran ~


WhatsApp Image 2018-03-18 at 1.06.46 AM


It felt like butterflies,

Were flying inside your belly,

When you first saw me.

The shining smile on your face,

Tenderly caressed my heart,

 Despite the hazy imagery,

On the screen.

Without seeing my face,

Without holding my hands,

Without hugging and kissing,

You loved me more than you could.

Love at the first sight?


Because I knew,

That love is blind,

Since the first day,

I started growing inside You.


Millions of thanks to my mother – Vasanthi Veloo and my lovable aunt – Tamil Selvi Veloo for bringing the best out of me. And not forgetting the Iron Lady who encouraged my thirst for success – Malarvily Peachemuthu.

It’s an honor to dedicate this to the gifts of the God, – all the Mommies out there!

Mothers are like flowers – each beautiful and special. And by plucking her petals you don’t gather the beauty of the flower!  Bear that in your mind Kiddies!


Signing off,

– Tharenee Gunasekaran –


9th of May

Mahathir.jpegIt’s a victory day,

what a painful day!

The pain that we have been feeling,

Can’t be compared to the Joy that’s coming.


It all dated back to 1945,

Where the Nazi surrendered,

And the war ended,

Muddy paths turned into a bloody bath,

Yet, to witness the glory that returns,

Our chins were up.

Once again!

After 73 years,

The history repeats itself,

9th of May 2018,

Page 130 of 365,

Marks the greatest time to be alive,

To witness the ending of the National Front,

9th of May 2018,

The day which we sent the youngest to the Parliament,

It’s the same day which we sent The Lion back to its throne.

Once again!

9th Of May 2018,

The day which we upheld the women empowerment,

It’s the day women led the way,

Karim Raslan’s blunt comments on the national television,

Indicates the revival of freedom,

Freedom of speech,

Freedom of media,

At last!

The Freedom is in the air, MALAYSIA!

9th of May,

Malaysia restored people’s faith in unity!

Malaysia restored democracy!

By witnessing the death of kleptocracy!


 Signing off,

-Tharenee Gunasekaran-









stock-vector-typography-wedding-word-art-design-vector-for-love-is-intoxicating-1016821150.jpgMy heart fell a prey to the arrow of his glance!

May my eyes be gladdened and filled with his intoxication.

                                                                                                                    ~ Tharenee Gunasekaran ~


Words do have Weight!



Words and writing are very definite. And the writers desire in a humble way that their writings will be the ambassadors of goodwill and understanding between them and the readers. Based on my perspective, an authentically crafted writing is the bridge that interlinks the untold love between a writer and a reader. Thus, the reader-writer relationship is intertwined because a writer is incapable of producing a piece of writing without a reader. Vice-versa, a reader does not exist without the presence of a writer.

Writing is like a painting, where the writers are highly regarded as the painters. These passionate painters maquillage their clear white paper with multicolors which depicts all sorts of profound insights and thoughts that spark a reader’s interest without any circumscriptions. It doesn’t matter whether a piece of writing moves at a breakneck pace or not, all writers should be hailed for their courage for playing the Russian Roulette.

Well, some would say that writing is easy peasy. Everyone does it every day, and why brag about it? Hmm… not really. Those who are more in tune with the world’s culture are the ones who truly appreciate a writer’s writing – his or her effort to bring a new world to life through the words. They say bleeding is painful, but the bleeding of a pen is beyond beautiful. And every writer has his or her own process of getting words and thoughts on paper. No wonder, there is a proverb saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. The bleeding of blood is just a normal aftermath of a war which can heal really fast, whereas the bleeding of ink is strong enough to influence many minds at a time – influence to the extent of even giving rise to revolutions and agitations against unfair governance. If we look back in times, several important events have been engraved on the walls due to the powerful writings. The French Revolution for an example was the result of the writing s of the great French writers like Rousseau. All I can say is that,  it’s a luxury being a writer because the persuasive man and his pen can change everything – bring light to the dark, freedom in slavery, speech in dumb, happiness in life, power in weak and wealth in poverty. And not all mankind get the calling to become a writer. So, bear in mind that you’re the chosen one. Hehehehe…  Don’t waste your golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or someone else might kidnap the Oompa Loompa.

Being a writer is always a very peculiar job. It’s always a writer versus a blank sheet of paper and quite often the blank paper hails the torch. Well, it happens. I know the blank paper is a badass bitchcraft ( the art of pissing people off while smiling sweetly ) but losing to it, it’s just a choice because a writer fails only when he or she stops writing. And the ball is always in your court!

I envy all the writers, especially Stephen King ( drum rolls ). Well, I’m not gonna talk about him today. Perhaps we need a century for that. Oh.. back on the track, what was I telling uh? Yeah, it’s about the writers. I have always admired the writers’ exertion to interpret the respective topics from their own perspective. All the ideas and notions stated in their writing are relevant to the topic and all the events are interconnected to each other in certain aspects which is truly distinctive. According to the great me, haha… just kidding! Writing is not an ability to build something out of words but it’s a gradual process that demonstrates dedication, project management and also the point of professional differentiation which I highly respect. And I’m always proud to bow down before a writer.

And I pridefully dedicate this writing of mine to all the writers out there who are busy musing on the art of writing and to those who are still staring deep into the blank paper in front of them…Aaah… You! Yeah, You right there! Don’t lose hope. Always have faith in yourself because, at the end of the day, only you can help yourself to strive more.

Signing off by quoting the great Stephen King’s word “ If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot”. So don’t stop reading and don’t stop writing unless you’re done breathing. Lots of loves and thanks for reading all the way till the end.

Bye! See ya!